Dj Hive discography, albums and information

I wanted to make an article that will act as a reference for those interested in Hive’s music.
As a listener, you probably first heard Hive, with the song from the Matrix album, “Ultrasonic sound”. That song was pretty cool, it still is. But there is much more. Hive has released a few albums since 1998.

Here is a list with all the albums and links where you can listen them.

1998: Implantation. full album (was released on mixtape at that time).

1998: Devious Methods. (full album, Ultrasonic Sound is the second song).

1999: Working with sound.

Hip Hop 2023. (two albums).

2001: The raw uncut. (a playlist with the four songs).

2002: Bedlam. (haven’t found it on YouTube yet). It’s also not on mixcloud. I’ll post a link when I’ll find something.

And there are other various songs on youtube, signed by Hive.

A few words about each album, btw, I’m not a music / d and b expert by any means.

Implantation, info taken from mixcloud: “This is a rare promotional cassette that was not widely distributed due to sample-clearance issues. This cassette is very few in numbers; around 50 were released. The inside of the J-card is blank.”
Sounds like a raw drum and bass. The album from mixcloud has a pretty low bit rate, 69kpbs, but sounds good, you should download it to keep it safe in case it gets deleted. Doesn’t exists on YouTube from what I’ve saw.

Devious Methods. Pretty sick stuff, has some slow and harsh songs, slow-fast tempo.

Working with sound. There are a few songs, mostly experiments. Really good, most of them are slow songs.

Hip Hop 2023. A combination of d and b and hip hop samples. Sounds really good, far from the every day hip hop.

The raw uncut. Contains four songs, pure d and b.

Bedlam, haven’t listened it yet.

If you have any other info about this wonderful dj, please leave in the comments.
Best way to listen this music? On your headphones, by walking while it’s dark outside.