DCShare has stopped working – Android problem

If you get this message on your Android phone, it means that you got a Mallware software. DCShare is actually the mallware.


This mallware is usually installed inside the ROM of the phone (ROM = the default operating system) and you usually can’t delete it.

Mine was located in the /system/ folder.

How to get rid of it / fix the issue?

You can install Kaspersky antivirus for Android. Then start the app, (it is free by the way), do a full system scan. It could take up to 5-10 minutes. At some point, it will detect “DCShare” as mallware. Choose to “disable it” and “force stop it”. You can’t actually delete it with Kaspersky.

However, by doing this “disable” action from Kaspersky, it will just stop the mallware for good. It won’t cause you any problems after. Even after you restart the phone, the mallware will be there but it should be set to “disabled” so it won’t affect your device.

If you really want get rid of it, you can restore the original firmware for your smartphone or tablet but this will require some advanced knowledge and skills regarding smartphones and how to manage these actions. You can mess up your device if you don’t know what you’re doing. Best of luck.