Chris Metzen singing Suspicious Minds (Bourbon Cowboys)

Chris Metzen is the Senior Vice President at Blizzard Entertainment.

He also seems to sing, pretty well.

This is from the Starcraft 2 Jukebox from inside the game.

The Jukebox can be found in Joeyray’s Bar or the Hyperion’s Cantina.

“I believe Bourbon Cowboys are a fictional band based on what the game credits say for this song. It was sung by Chris Metzen with the background music probably performed by Blizzard’s inhouse band.” (taken from YouTube).

The song was originally sang by Elvis Presley (

There is another song by Chris Metzen on YouTube, Sweet Home Alabama.

Chris is also the voice actor for the Terran Battlecruiser, Terran Marine, Ghost (Starcraft 1), Thrall, Ragnaros (World of Warcraft) and many other characters. A full list with all his voice acting can be found here.