Truncate table php code?

It’s quite easy, here is the code.


You will also need to declare the $connection variable but I guess that is pretty easy.

So this ...

Ternary if else in PHP, with echo

Here is a good example:


this will echo “y”.

You need to put echo in front, you can’t put echo inside the ternary ...

[Fix] Avada logo too big / retina?

The Avada logo is too big on Mac (apple devices). Here is how to fix the issue.

I spent quite some time on this issue.

Here is the fix. Add this to additional css from ...

Simple jQuery variable

Here is an example:


This will take the color red and assign it as body background color.


How to edit wp_head();, remove content?

wp_head(); is a wordpress built-in function, there is no place to edit and remove the code from there.

The content you see in your head tag is located inside the functions.php file from ...

Bootstrap Row creating horizontal scroll?

This can happen for this reason: you forgot to put your row inside a div class container of container fluid. It can happen to anyone :)

A quick fix for this is to add this code into your ...