How to backup Filezilla site manager?

If you plan to reinstall Windows or move to another PC, you can backup all your websites from “site manager” and not have to recreate them later.

Open Filezilla, File ...

Resize homepage Prestashop images?

The size of the images can depend on your Prestashop theme. But you can try something from admin, first.

From your admin page, go to preferences > image tab. You should have a ...

Image mass resize?

Here are two ways to resize a couple of images.

1. Using this website called, link here. You can upload more than an image, choose a new size, smaller with 75%, 50% ...

Worldspan won’t print, ink color?

First of all, Worldspan doesn’t have any option regarding what ink color to use when printing.

[AdSense-A]There is an option in Control Panel and you can choose to print ...

Cinema sound effect for Windows?

If you want to watch a movie on your PC and want to obtain a cinema sound effect, you can do a few things.

1. Buy an expensive sound card, those come with their own software which ...

How to reverse a video?

You need to programs, VirtualDubMod (free) and Avisynth (also free).


1. Install both programs.

2. Open notepad, copy/paste this code and save it as ...