A few mind blowing things about water on Mars

One is that if humans would ever try to desalinate the water found on Mars, just to be able to colonize the planet, use the water for drinking and to grow plants/agriculture, that means we would kill the unique life form from that water, of course, assuming that there is life in that water that we just found.


Because that life form can only live in the current conditions where the water has a very high concentration of salt.
Humans would exterminate life from a planet.
Mind blowing.

Second fact

The universe is huge, infinite maybe.
If there is water on such a near planet, who can say what is out there in all the universe.
Life, planets very similar to earth.

What are the odds of water being present just on Earth and Mars. None, 0,0000000001% most likely.

And we have discovered just 3% of the surface of Mars, meaning who might know what else is out there.