12Voip ws2_32.dll issue

You might get this error when trying to start voipconnect or 12voip: “the procedure entry point wsapoll could not be located in the dynamic link library ws2_32.dll”.


What to do?

You can uninstall 12voip from your computer. Go to Control Panel, add and remove programs and uninstall it.

Then, install an older version of 12voip. You can find here a version from 2013.

Install that version. It looks almost the same as the current 12voip version.

This will fix your issue, you will be able to use the software, the error should be gone.

The problem with the ws2_32.dll file is that it is most likely corrupt and you will have to reinstall Windows in order to fix the issue.

This problem happens for Windows XP.

If other programs are giving you this error, just try to install an older version of that specific program you need.