Cancel order by customer in Opencart

By default, there is no possibility that the customer to cancel an order from his account. The admin of the store can do that from the admin panel.

However, in this article, we will show ...

Fix Blue screen ntfs.sys Windows 10

If you get blue screens on Windows 10, saying ntfs.sys error, you might try a few things.

Usually, this error is related to hardware / memory issues.

1. Install the ...

Array push associative array

There are two ways to insert values in an associative array.

First method.

First of all, there is no array push for associative arrays.

However, this code will do ...

Emails not showing in CPanel

You might encounter this issue with CPanel, having email accounts that do not show in CPanel.

They exist, if you want to create them, they say that they already exists, so ...

House of Cards Ending wasn’t bad at all

We all hoped until the last second that we will get some scenes with Frank, at least some flashbacks or some dialogue, spoken by Kevin Spacey. But we got nothing.

The ending was ...

Does Smush decreases image quality?

Smush is an excellent plugin for Wordpress. If you have a website with tons of images, it is quite important to install Smush as it will save up a lot of space if you don’t have infinite ...